A warm welcome to my practice.

I offer meditation based on the Maly method, which is a recognized complimentary technique used supportively in conjunction with medical treatments. With the help of Maly meditation the innate self-healing potential which every person possesses is supported on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Patients learn what else they require for healing, besides operations, injections and tablets:

LOVE, DEVOTION and the BELIEF that it is possible to HEAL.

A quotation on this theme by Prof. Uhl:

“A big problem with German mainstream medicine is that, due to the mechanization and economization of medicine, there is a distinct inadequacy in the care of patients and their relatives. There is mostly not enough time to devote oneself to the patient as a human being and to foster a therapeutic discussion. In addition, many mainstream medical practitioners completely reject any complimentary medical methods. It is especially very difficult in Germany for a mainstream doctor to discuss this theme. On the other hand, in large tumour centres in the USA, for example at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, there are already whole departments that are devoted to complementary medical concepts of treatment. This approach is described there as integrative medicine and is even being intensively researched.

I would like to highly recommend Maly meditation as an important complimentary method based in Christian principles. Through love, devotion and the power of belief which patients experience during Maly meditation, new hope and optimism arises. All this can lead ultimately to the awakening of inner self-healing capabilities.

An aspect of the meditation that seems important to me is the inclusion in the process of the life partner and relatives. This brings about a rebuilding and deepening of inter-personal closeness and love, components which, from my personal observations, seem important for the healing process. It is then possible that patients and their relatives can together proceed into the future with a good prospect of healing.”

If used preventatively, Maly meditation strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and prevents depression and burnout:

“Studies have shown that meditation can bring about deep relaxation which reduces subjectively experienced stress, improves the ability to deal with one’s own illness, and can have a positive effect on physical processes, e.g. the immune system.” Prof. Karin Meißner (med.), LMU Munich

I would like to emphasise that my offer is equally available to people of all religious persuasions, as it is to non-believers and sceptics. My respect and esteem for other world views is based on the Christian conception that the healing love of God is all-embracing.